Halfway Between Before Photos and After Photos

When you live in a half finished house with no window coverings or even interior doors, you kind of lose all sense of decency. I don't think these are the sort of "mid-progress" photos I'm supposed to be showing you (photos of hampers full of laundry, shoes all over the floor, boxes everywhere, and every last inch of private space of my family's home). But this is kind of where I'm at. Our neighbors know us way more than they would like to and now you all get to see the crazy mess as well. Nevertheless, we've made huge leaps and bounds since my last post of the downstairs, so here you have it - the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Our master bedroom floor got finished over Memorial Day weekend and Chris and I excitedly moved our furniture in right away. The chandelier was put up soon after and we're feeling like at least we have our own space now...door-less and all. 

Just today we got the floor in far enough to move BOTH couches in the family room. This is huge people. And yes, our TV is sitting right on the hearth of our fireplace for now. Desperate times, folks, desperate times.

As you can see, we have a very spacious entry way, and a couple of nights ago we added this little star pendant to the space. Please note the unfinished HVAC vent on the floor. Not dangerous at all. Anyone who falls through will land right in to our basement. No big deal.

Are any of you noticing this giant rug? This rug is huge and it's even prettier in person! It's a hand-me-down from a friend of my parents'. This rug is worth more than my car! We're so lucky to have received it!

In this photo you can see that our master bedroom is directly behind the family room and we currently have no door. The kids love this. Chris hates it.

Notice, we have one copper pendant above our makeshift island. Yes, just one. The first one was eagerly affixed there, but we ran out of steam. The second pendant is sitting very lonely in its box. And yes, that's my kitchen right now. But hey, look at that dining table chandelier!

Can you see the washer and dryer right there by our telephone? Keeping it real, folks. Keeping it real.

This here is on the other side of the staircase and will eventually be a little powder room, or guest/half bath. We bought the toilet today. I'm getting really excited about having two toilets in this house soon!

And this is looking in to our master bathroom/closet from our master bedroom. You may think it looks unfinished, but I see primed walls, and that to me means practically finished!

This will eventually be our double head, walk-in shower. For now it is storing equipment.

Every once in a while I peak in here and imagine what my walk-in closet will eventually be like. But until now, it's just this and my clothes are hanging in an upstairs closet, with my shoes strewn all over the house.

On the one side of the door will be our freestanding tub, the other side a toilet, and the wall with the light fixture on the wall will be our double sinks. This bathroom is going to be so cool eventually!

And here's a photo that I will regret posting later. Our current mudroom situation. No door, no stair, no paint, and shoes/boxes everywhere. It might look like a mess to you, but to me, I'm doing a happy dance over the fact that I have a mud room at all! So nice to have a place for shoes and some of my kitchen things that I can't put in the kitchen yet!

Remember these carts? I had posted way back when that I was going to redo them and turn them in to nightstands. Well, after sitting in my garage for 9 months, I realized that they work much better as makeshift cabinets until we get our cabinets. And then I will probably use them as storage in the garage. Gonna rethink what I'm going to do for nightstands now.

Oh that lonely pendant. And yes, that's my glorious farmhouse sink. It's everything I imagined it would be and more!

You may be wondering why I'm posting this picture. But people! This area was so disgusting before. Covered in all sorts of construction debris and grossness. this may look like a before picture, but it's almost an after picture. It looks so much better now!

And these are two of our new interior doors that Chris is going to refurbish. I'm SO EXCITED about them! I bought them for $20 a piece at an antique mall the other day and they are going to look A.Mazing as the door to our bedroom and door to the guest bathroom!!!!

Our garage is getting more and more empty as we slowly but surely start moving furniture inside. But look at my piano. I want to cry when I look at her sitting in there getting more and more out of tune! I hope to bring her in by the end of this week. And yes, it's a she. Pianos have souls.

And here's a bit of landscaping that I attempted on Mother's Day only to have Charity destroy most of it almost immediately. But considering how it looked before, this looks fabulous!

I am still not a pet person. I repeat, I am not a pet person. But Charity is alright. I guess. For a dog.

OK, I like her.