Cecily Turns Two

Cecily turned two today. I told her this was the last of her birthdays. Enough is enough. She must stay my baby! She only giggled.

It's so fun having a summer Birthday party. We swam and fished in the pond, we grilled, we played outside, and of course ice cream tastes so much better when it's warm out. Cecily had a huge party with family from both sides, including my friends from Virginia! She is definitely spoiled, but that's ok. She's the baby. ;-)

She's spunky, yet sweet. Funny, but mild. She wants to be just like her big sisters and big brother, and she can never get enough hugs and cuddles from her mommy. She's our precious little baby and we're so proud of her as she continues to grow and learn. Happy Birthday little yummy! You are a treasure!