Our First Pond Party on the Fourth

For the first time I floated on a raft in our pond on the Fourth of July. In that blissful moment the past 10 months of stress from working on this house just floated right away with the raft. Maybe, just maybe, we're over the worst of this renovation and we can finally relax. At least sometimes. At least on the Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July became a four day weekend for us thanks to the best bosses ever who shut down the office Monday in addition to Tuesday. We worked hard on chores and the house on Saturday, I was sick on Sunday, and Monday and Tuesday were the best. days. ever. 

The night before the Fourth we spent the night out in our tent by the pond as a family. It was peaceful and fun in every way. I don't know how we lucked out, but we had no mosquitoes and the weather was perfect.

The morning of the Fourth I got up early to run and was greeted by our large koi fish just sitting by the shore of the pond.

Seeing the bright white, calico fish was cool - but the sunrise was beautiful too.

 I donned my patriotic red bathing suit, red lipstick, and red toenail polish. Cassi approved.

And what's the Fourth of July without fireworks? Chris put on a home show, and then we climbed up in Justin's truck to watch the city fireworks. We could barely see them, but what we did see was pretty cool. 

Grateful for this country. Grateful for family. And grateful for a livable house that is getting prettier and prettier by the day!