Another Room Almost Done

Our latest house project was finishing the powder room. We've survived pretty well with just one bathroom, but when we have family in town or just over for a meal (which we've had a few times now), it really helps to have a second toilet. Our deadline was Cecily's Birthday party. We almost made the deadline, too. Everything is done but the baseboard trim and the door. Yes, all our guests got to enjoy a flimsy curtain for a door. As far as I know there were no accidental exhibitions and the curtain mostly did its job. ha!

If you remember this post, I had found an old sewing machine desk from a flea market that I planned to use as a vanity. My original powder room design called for small hex carrera marble tiles on the floor which would have contrasted great with the stained wood vanity, however, we ended up with extra wood flooring and used that instead. It saved a lot of time and money, but I was conflicted about leaving the vanity the wood stain when we now had wood floor. I decided to sand and paint it. Chris did the sanding, I did the painting. I ended up painting it with leftover "Hague Blue" from Farrow & Ball that I used for the accent wall in our bedroom. Chris also decided to practice cement countertops for when we do them for our kitchen, and made a beautiful countertop over the vanity. I love how the vanity turned out!

The blue cabinet is just enough of a contrast from the wood floor. Chris even polished up the brass hardware on the cabinet which really looks sharp against the dark blue!

A brand new powder room for less than $500 is a pretty good deal I'd say:
  • Vanity - (bought last year) Flea Market $25
  • Sink - Amazon $58
  • Faucet - Amazon $34
  • Mirror - (bought it 14 years ago) Kirklands $25
  • Light fixture - Menards $43
  • Towel holder - Amazon $11
  • TP holder - Amazon $15
  • Trash bucket - Amazon $11
  • Toilet Menards - $110
  • Countertop - (we borrowed the sander and already had the other tools) Kuhlman Corp $25
  • Seagrass toilet paper basket - (bought a year ago) Wal-Mart $7
  • Antique shelf - (bought last year) Flea Market $5
  • Rug - IKEA off of Amazon $12
  • Paint - leftover Sherwin Williams "Silver Strand" 
  • Paint for cabinet - leftover "Hague Blue" by Farrow & Ball
  • Flooring - leftover hickory hardwood floors from Lumber Liquidators 
And here's a sneak peak of our accent wall in our bedroom and a handmade weaving my Mom made for me. She even weaved copper wire throughout to match our copper fixtures in our bedroom! 

We're working a lot slower on the house these days, but every little project we do makes a huge difference!